A conversation about pooping

June 5, 2014 at 10:21 pm 2 comments

I know that I have been radio silent on the blog for several months now, and I am sorry for that. Life has gotten very busy and the blog has taken a backseat to everything else. But I am still looking at the comments and am involved with the online IBD community- just to a lesser extent.

Two quick things before I get into this post-

Now onto tonight’s post.

I have an incredible group of friends who all have IBD that I met through Team Challenge last year- Kelly (Crohn’s disease), Laura (Crohn’s disease), and Katie (ulcerative colitis). They all live in Connecticut and I was so sad to leave them last year when Dan and I moved for my job. It’s nights like tonight when I am reminded how much I truly love having them in my life.

Tonight I have been part of a group text message about things that these ladies have done while pooping (at one point, I had 43 unread messages). Summarizing it won’t do it justice, so I am just going to write it out verbatim for your enjoyment.

Kelly: They don’t have shit in a bag…What does your poop really say about you?

Laura: Boo that’s not cool.

Kelly: So I just did poop while on the phone because I poop while doing everything.

Katie: Me too. I’ve been flying through books because I read when I go to the bathroom. Which is all day.

[Insert bathroom related Emoji]

Laura: I have pooped and talked on the phone before. And pooped in the woods.

Kelly: Oh I totally used to do that all the time. Both of those.

Laura: Like totally using a tree to lean on.

Katie: We should make our own quiz.

Kelly: We totally should.

Katie: I’ve eaten while I’ve pooped.

Laura: Me too!

Katie: Edited photos, done work, kissed my husband.

Kelly: Haha adorable.

Laura: Haha sexy.

Kelly: I’ve watched television, ate, played Sorry, slept.

Katie: Puked and pooped.

Katie: Painted my toenails.

Laura: Painting toenails, now that’s a skill!

Katie: Takes some bending. The baby had to hang out in there with me too. Poor kid. At least he won’t remember.

Laura: Oh well, bring toys!

Kelly: I used to always be keeled over anyways, so why not do something with my feet!

Katie: Exactly! Yoga pooping!

Laura: Haha they should have yoga for poopers!

Katie: They do! Google toilet yoga!

Katie: I bought this book for a friend of mine who is obsessed with poop. It was hilarious.

Kelly: That’s pretty amazing, I’m impressed.

Laura: That’s awesome.

Laura: What else have we done while pooping?

Katie: I’ve definitely gotten ready- blow dried my hair, make up, brushed teeth, played solitaire, sudoku,

Laura: Yeah I’ve totally brushed my teeth and spit into the toilet while sitting on it.

Katie: Movies, television, fundraised!

Laura: Oh, I have pet Remi (her dog). She barges in.


Katie: Yeah my cat chills with me. Once I had the husband, baby and the cat all waiting outside for me.

Me: I’ve taken a bath while Dan poops.

Katie: I took a picture too, like really? We don’t even close the door. My husband is usually in there too.


Baby and cat company

Laura: Family time in the bathroom.

Kelly: I’ve played cards with my parents and my ex. I drank and partied with my girls in Charlotte.

Laura: I have conversations with my parents. They were in the kitchen or family room and I was in the bathroom with the door closed.

Kelly: Wrote thank you notes. Oh- my parents just come in.

Laura: I have taken clothes out of the dryer and folded them while pooping.

Me: Did you get them before pooping? I’m trying to figure out the logistics of that.

Laura: Well the dryer finished while I was in there and it was within reach with a slight lean forward when I lived with my parents.

Kelly: My parents set up a TV stand with a pillow so I could put my head down or have a table to write on.

Kelly: The worst would be when I had to be there for like an hour. Then I would get bored and want company.

Katie: And your butt and feet fall asleep.

Laura: The true tale of what happens while pooping.

Katie: That’s right, it can be very communal.

Laura: That it can.

Only with IBDers can this conversation occur.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve done while pooping? Let us know in the comments!



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  • 1. Anne  |  August 6, 2014 at 8:35 pm

    The support of others goes a long way. The challenge sometimes is we can get caught in the same cycles over and over again. Certainly I think emotions and the North American diet are part of why these types of disorders are getting so prevalent in young people. My son-in-in law has Crohns.

  • […] text messages never fail to actually make me laugh out loud, whether we’re talking about weirdest things done while pooping or chronicling travel through an airport (complete with a man rocking a skirt and another one […]


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