My Belated Gratitude Challenge

November 26, 2012 at 4:01 pm Leave a comment

I found a blog recently written by a Crohnie called My Journey with Crohn’s. Sarah, the site’s author, recently did a week-long series on gratitude. I’m a little bummed that I didn’t find her blog sooner otherwise I totally would have participated.

Every day for one week, she posted five things that she is grateful for (in the spirit of Thanksgiving). On the last day, she also posted what some of her followers are grateful for. It’s such a great idea, given how unsettling and upsetting Crohn’s and UC can be, to think about gratitude and give thanks to the things that are good in your life.

That being said, while I won’t list 35 things that I am grateful for, I will do a short list here in the spirit of her series from last week.

1.) My husband Dan

Words cannot express how grateful I am to have someone in my life who loves me so unconditionally regardless of my quirks. I am so lucky to have someone to share my life with, the ups and the downs, someone to laugh with and cry with, and do nothing with.

2.) Crocheting

Keeping my hands busy has prevented me from having so many anxiety attacks. I’m not sure why but if my hands are moving, my mind doesn’t turn to silly thoughts.

3.) My family

I come from a very close family who are so supportive and helpful through everything. I am grateful that I was raised by two parents to be a strong, independent woman who knows how to take the bull by its horns and accomplish her goals. I am grateful that I have a fantastic sister who has always been there no matter what. Lastly, I am truly grateful that we have a strong family support system who is there for us no matter the problem or the time.

4.) Glee

If I didn’t have this awesome, mindless distraction once a week, I would go crazy.

5.) My dog

Bomber was originally purchased to help me with my anxiety when it was bad but he has slowly become Dan’s emotional support dog. Dan has good days and bad days but having Bomber around has helped there to be more good than bad. I mean, you can’t help but smile when you see the little furbaby.

My furbaby Bomber

6.) Obamacare

I am grateful for Obamacare because now, if we lose our insurance, I don’t have to worry about Dan being unable to see his doctor or get his Remicade infusions because we will be able to get insurance under Obamacare. No more pre-existing condition denials!

7.) Music

I lose myself in music some days and it’s a great escape from stress.

8.) My job

With so many people unemployed and underemployed, I am incredibly grateful to have a job at this moment.

What are you grateful for? Let me know in the comments!


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