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Sorry for the lack of posts recently- I was on a family trip to Ohio and didn’t have much time for blogging. But I am back and with lots of ideas for new entries.

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That brings us to today’s entry- iPhone apps for Crohn’s and UC patients!

I was reading an article recently about all types of apps for IBD patients- from restroom locators to symptom diaries to some funny ones also. There are tons out there and they are definitely useful for those out there who are living with these diseases on a daily basis.

Bathroom Locators

Restroom/Bathroom/Toilet Finder– This free app works on user contributions. Toilet Finder easily locates the nearest public bathrooms around and is the biggest world public toilet database with more than 60,000 toilets logged around the world.

Sit or Squat– This free app from Charmin helps you to find public restrooms near you or where you are traveling to. You can also search, view, rate, and add public restrooms to the app.

Rest Area Finder– This free app automatically finds your location and displays the closest rest areas. The rest areas are displayed on a map along with scenic vistas and welcome centers.

Symptom Logs

Poo Log-This $.99 app is a digital timer and journal for recording and studying your bowel movements.

Crohn’s Diary-This free app helps you to manage how Crohn’s Disease affects you by tracking your symptoms to see if there are any patterns causing flares.

Wellness Widget– This free app lets you track your symptoms and record how you are feeling daily to give you a more complete picture of how your Crohn’s is progressing. (Note: this app is by Crohn’s & Me, a great website that features some information about the disease as well as the Crohn’s Advocate magazine. Check it out if you haven’t already.)

myIBD– This free app focused more on children with Crohn’s and UC, this app lets you record how you are feeling, what you are eating, and how frequently you are going to the bathroom. You can then see your entries in a snazzy chart form to get a better idea of how you are doing.

MyGITrack– Like the above apps, this $1.99 app allows you to monitor and track your symptoms. The unique thing about this app though is that you can download PDF reports based on what you log- the foods you eat and medications you take- to see how it is impacting your disease.

GI Monitor– This is another free app that allows you to track your symptoms and provide data to your doctor about how your disease is progressing.

IBD Information

IBD– This free app is designed to help patients and their families and friends to understand more about an IBD diagnosis and the treatment, as well as how it impacts your day-to-day life.


Colonoscopy Prep Assistant– This free app helps you during your wretched colonoscopy prep. The app lets you track how many glasses of the prep you’ve had and reminds you when you are due for your next glass.

Fun Apps

Bathroom Reader– This free app gives you all sorts of amusing reading material for your long trips to the restroom, including quotes, jokes, and short stories.

Poop Analyzer– Wonder what kind of poop you are going to have? This free app lets you know what to expect on your next trip to the bathroom.

Potty Panic– This $.99 game is like a play on a Crohn’s patient life- you need to go really badly and all of a sudden there are lots of people and things in your way getting to the bathroom. This hysterical game takes strategy- if you collide with anyone, disaster ensues.

Bathroom Fan– This free app gives you the noise a fan on the go so you can use the restroom without fear of others hearing you.

Poop the World– This $.99 app lets you create your own poops, track where you poop, collect trophies, and share your poop with friends and family.

So this is what I’ve found so far and they are useful, silly, and fun all at the same time.

Do you have any other good apps that I should know about?


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